Is This the Best Twitter Wall Ever?

There are a number of event Twitter Walls (feeds) available and we have experimented with a number of different (largely free) solutions over the years. Recently however I discovered Tweetbeam and I was delighted when they offered me the opportunity to test the product at a few of our conferences and events…. The Tweetbeam Twitter Wall is really visually […]

Kirstie Allsopp and the Great Event Management Degree Debate

TV personality Kirstie Allsopp has once again reignited the debate around Event Management degrees via this tweet: Have just discovered you can study Events Management over 4 years at uni? WTF?! Go and work for an events company and they'll pay you #Daft — 🅺🅸🆁🆂🆃🅸🅴 (@KirstieMAllsopp) September 18, 2014 Kirstie received a barrage of both support and […]

How To Maximise Tweets at Conferences, Seminars or Workshops

We often get asked how to maximise tweets at conferences, seminars and workshops.  We are big believers in social media and it is an essential and integral part of almost every event we run nowadays.  Twitter is often the platform of choice and can really enhance the event experience before, during and after the event. […]

Conference Essentials for Event Managers

We have lost count of the number of conferences and events we have organised over the years but there are certain essentials which we ensure are on hand at every single event we organise. We started putting together our list, which soon rattled up to 20 conference essentials which are outlined below! 1. Memory sticks […]

Personality Traits of Event Managers

At EIBTM last week I had the opportunity to mingle with many event organisers (#eventprofs as we are affectionately known on Twitter).  Whenever you attend event industry exhibitions such as EIBTM, Confex, the Conference and Hospitality Show, etc or go on a ‘fam trip’ or similar opportunity which gathers event planners together you know that […]

Ensuring Your Attendees Stay Relaxed and Happy During Your Event

Following on from yesterdays post ‘Ensuring Your Event Attendees Arrive Relaxed and Happy‘ I wanted to continue the theme with some basics for keeping your attendees relaxed and happy throughout your conference or event. 1. Have a good Chair who keeps people informed and gives clear instructions. Key information the Chair will cover at the start […]

Ensuring Your Event Attendees Arrive Relaxed and Happy

The topic for #BEDN today is ‘Relax‘ so I wanted to share some basics to ensure attendees arrive at your future events happy and relaxed! When I attend events organised by other people it often surprises me how they sometimes overlook the basics.  This blog post was particularly inspired by a recent business event I […]

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats, or tweet ups, are a great way to use Twitter to network virtually with individuals from a specific industry or with a shared interest or location.  It is a great way to find interesting people to follow and hopefully pick up a few more followers yourself too. People come together at a set […]

Social Media for Women

On 26th November 2013 I will be speaking at Social Media for Women 2013 (#SM4W13), in Preston, Lancashire.  Everyone, male and female, can attend the conference but the line up of speakers are all female. A recent survey conducted in the UK found that a greater proportion of women are using social media than men. It was […]

#BEDN Blog Every Day in November Introduction

Events Northern Ltd is taking up the challenge to Blog Every Day in November (Twitter hashtag #BEDN).  This is a great initiative from Elizabeth of the Rosalilium Lifestyle Blog.  She has set the challenge to boost creativity, encourage people to get blogging, have some fun and be inspired (great idea by the way!). This means […]