What is Event Management?

As surprising as it may seem, some people haven’t got a clue what event management actually is, let alone what an event manager does every day! At networking events, there can be puzzled looks on people’s faces trying to figure out what a professional event management company does. It is not uncommon to be asked, […]

Why I Love Organising Conferences

Recently I was talking to a fellow event manager who is tasked with organising various conferences and they were saying that they would much prefer to be organising a dinner or team building exercise, or indeed any other type of event rather than conferences. This is the complete opposite to myself – I love organising […]

10 Reasons to Organise a Conference, Seminar or Workshop

The #BEDN topic for today is “10 Things” so I wanted to share with you 10 Reasons to Organise a Conference, Seminar or Workshop. To share learning and best practice from thought leaders and experts To engage with like minded people with shared interests To inspire and generate ideas and new thinking To be seen […]

Events Northern dive into the blogging world

All of the team at Events Northern Headquarters are so excited to introduce our new addition to the family – our lovely blog! Why not follow us and enjoy our blogging posts. We hope to provide interesting articles and discussions about the events industry and all other things related. As detailed in our companies description, […]