4 FYRE Lessons for Event Managers Everywhere

The much-anticipated insight into the notorious Fyre Festival went live on Netflix on Friday. Must-watch viewing for Event Managers everywhere, the trailer promised an ‘exclusive behind the scenes look at the infamous unraveling’ of the 2017 event. Fyre Festival was the brainchild of ambitious entrepreneur Billy McFarland and music mogul Ja Rule. Its unique point-of-sale […]

B is for Brands

As part of our #EventprofsAtoZ series we have lined up a number of guest bloggers to post on their area of expertise. First up is Freelance Graphic Designer, Nicola Darwen. Nicola has experience working for some of the worlds top brands; now living and working in the North West of England she brings that same […]

#Eventprofs A to Z

We all know how hard it is to stay on top of our business related social media activity. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Blogging all take time, and without prior planning, it can be difficult to make sure your content is consistently relevant, engaging and fun! With that in mind, a new month seems like the […]

25 Eventprofs You Need to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is the most recent social media phenomenon. The photo sharing tool has 300 million monthly active users worldwide, with 14 million of those from the UK (as at July 2015). Now owned by Facebook, it’s visual nature has made it a huge hit, particularly with millennials. In this post we explore 25 of the most exciting […]

Is This the Best Twitter Wall Ever?

There are a number of event Twitter Walls (feeds) available and we have experimented with a number of different (largely free) solutions over the years. Recently however I discovered Tweetbeam and I was delighted when they offered me the opportunity to test the product at a few of our conferences and events…. The Tweetbeam Twitter Wall is really visually […]

How To Maximise Tweets at Conferences, Seminars or Workshops

We often get asked how to maximise tweets at conferences, seminars and workshops.  We are big believers in social media and it is an essential and integral part of almost every event we run nowadays.  Twitter is often the platform of choice and can really enhance the event experience before, during and after the event. […]

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats, or tweet ups, are a great way to use Twitter to network virtually with individuals from a specific industry or with a shared interest or location.  It is a great way to find interesting people to follow and hopefully pick up a few more followers yourself too. People come together at a set […]

Social Media for Women

On 26th November 2013 I will be speaking at Social Media for Women 2013 (#SM4W13), in Preston, Lancashire.  Everyone, male and female, can attend the conference but the line up of speakers are all female. A recent survey conducted in the UK found that a greater proportion of women are using social media than men. It was […]

Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

I am a social media convert; I believe that social media is good for business and also often adds value to the conferences and events we organise.  I also appreciate however that it can take up a lot of time; time which can often be in very short supply when running a business and juggling […]