T is for Training

As part of our #EventprofsAtoZ series we have lined up a number of guest bloggers to post on their area of expertise. No one should have ever finished learning. Whether you have years of industry experience, are learning the ropes at University or have just taken your first events jobs, there is still always plenty […]

Business Speed Networking

Networking is important for business As an SME I certainly recognise the need and importance of networking, however often I feel frustrated with some of the networking events I attend.  This isn’t always the fault of the organiser; more often than not it just isn’t physically possible to talk to everyone in the room.  Time […]

Getting the Most Out of Networking

Recently there seems to have been an explosion of business networking events.  Organisations seem to have a renewed hunger for getting “out there” and meeting as many people as they can, desperate to shake off the recession and to “do business.”  However many people say that they do not enjoy networking events and try to […]